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The restaurant- the golden lounge

Located on the first floor of the building, the gilded salon with its spectacular decor has been completely restored. In 2022, it will once again be used as a restaurant for a gourmet break.

Inaugurated in 1930, the Auberge des Dauphins housed a fully decorated dining room that underwent an exemplary restoration as part of the development of the auberge into a site house. Today, the room welcomes the public again for a gourmet break.

Photo d'archives du salon doré de l'Auberge des Dauphins.


The main room of the hostel is dedicated to a gastronomic restaurant and presents the most spectacular decor. It is composed of four small rooms delimited by balusters and corner pillars and a larger space where a piano was installed for concerts. Large windows open onto the park and three large mirrors reflect the views of the landscape. The entire hall is covered with classical decorations in white and gold staff.

In 2020-202, as part of the transformation of the Auberge des Dauphins into a site house, the restoration of the gilded room was carried out by Marc Lavarenne, a stucco artist specializing in the restoration of antique decorations.

Virtual tour of the golden lounge


Following a call for tenders launched by the Department of the Drôme, the Note Gourmande team was entrusted with the keys to the golden salon for a period of 3 years. The project of the Note Gourmande has retained all the attention of the Department: Dylan Torres proposes dishes combining modernity, tradition and world influences.

In an eco-responsible approach, his ambition is to make available to all budgets a cuisine based on seasonal products from local farms: Martin Fruits et Légumes, the Fouraison bakery, the Petit Primeur butchery and the Cave du Bourg located in Crest, the Manivelle brewery in Die, the Monge Granon winery based in Vercheny and Gemelli ice cream in Malataverne.

On the menu, renewed every week, visitors to the Auberge des Dauphins Site House will find tasty dishes served in jars, snacks, artisanal ice creams and a variety of drinks.

opening hours

Reservations at 04 75 70 98 99 or by mail at contact@lanotegourmande.fr

Website: la note gourmande