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Vue sur le plafond doré et les fenêtres en forme d'arche de l'Auberge des Dauphins. L'Auberge des Dauphins au cœur de la nature.

Welcome in the Saoû forest

The Auberge des Dauphins, in the heart of the forest of Saoû in the Drôme, is a space dedicated to scientific, historical and environmental research.

Dessin d'une des façades de l'Auberge des Dauphins qui est un bâtiment rectangulaire composé de nombreuses fenêtres en forme d'arche.

A unique, fun and educational visitor centre

Set within the Saoû Environmentally Sensitive Area, the Auberge des Dauphins welcomes visitors and encourages them to explore the natural and cultural riches of the site. It examines the past, present and future relationships of humans to their environment.

Discover the cultural project


Seasonal closure during winter. Re-opening on 6 April

5 good reasons to come to the Auberge des Dauphins

1 Vue 3D de la scénographie d'un des espaces d'exposition.

Visit the different exhibition spaces

Discover the secrets of the Saoû forest through the permanent exhibition. Geology, biodiversity, human history and contemporary management will hold no secrets for you. And continue exploring the forests thanks to the temporary exhibitions.

See the exhibitions

2 Famille explorant la faune et la flore du parc de la forêt de Saoù.

Participate in the programming of the Auberge

For all ages, for all the curious, activities and walks are scheduled regularly throughout the year.

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3 Photo d'archive de l'Auberge des Dauphins

Discover the history of the Auberge

The Auberge des Dauphins, inaugurated in 1930, has marked local history with the splendor of these parties.

Discover the story

4 Chemin au cœur de la forêt.

Explore the forest

An arch of biodiversity to discover and explore to better respect it.

Explore the forest

5 Vue sur la montagne des Trois Becs de la forêt de Saoû.

Extend the experience

Hiking in the Sensitive Natural Areas of Drôme, discovering the heritage and natural riches of the territory.

Extend the experience

Un chevreuil au milieu d'une prairie verdoyante remplie de fleurs sauvages multicolores.

Forest secrets

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To eat and drink

The golden lounge, for a gourmet break

A bar to enjoy a gourmet break.

Discover the golden lounge

Enrich your visits

To complete and broaden your knowledge, we provide you with additional resources.

Portrait de Maurice Burrus.

Mobile application: a walk narrated by Maurice Burrus

Discover the secrets of the building, told by the man who built the Auberge. A story enriched with archival documents to be listened to both on site and at home.

Allée de grands cèdres menant à l'Auberge des Dauphins.

Jeu Nature

Explore the forest with your family on a fun trail. Warning: french version.